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Our Printing House is equipped with a modern machine park that enables us to perform flexographic overprints in up to 10 colours, both on paper-based and foil surfaces. Our own graphic office guarantees prompt order performance: from adjusting a project to the requirements of flexographic printing, through making plates, to printing itself and packaging. Owing to our modern solutions, we can perform any overprints in HIGH DEFINITION FLEXO technology.

We guarantee customer service at the highest level. We specialise in FLEXO technology printing with low-migration UV inks and solvent inks. We offer the option of printing a small number of copies. We use materials only from reliable suppliers, which ensures durability and high quality of our prints.

Innowacyjne opakowanie zabezpieczone przed kopiowaniem, wyprodukowane w technologii POL-ZDOB, zgodne z Wnioskiem Patentowym numer P.425102.
Innowacyjne opakowanie papierowe zdatne do recyclingu, zgodnie z wnioskiem patentowym P.436033.

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